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Milner discussed Saturday’s duel
James Milner has recalled what Jurgen Klopp did in his bid to help the Liverpool players relax before the Champions League final against Real Madrid in 2018.
The German coach decided to appear in the team’s dressing room wearing Cristiano Ronaldo branded boxers before the crucial decider with Los Blancos in Kiev.
“[Klopp is] genuine. Energetic. Fun,” Milner told the Daily Mail.
“When he does his team talks, it’s not joke, joke, joke, but he’ll always try to soften them. Like the 2018 Champions League final. He was doing his usual pre-match meeting – talking about the game, the tactics, what we’re going to do, what they’ll do. But he knew there would be tension.
“He had his Ronaldo boxers on. That was his way of trying to relax the boys. Around games, he’ll think, ‘What is the narrative?’ Like if something’s on the lads’ minds that they’ve seen on social media. He’s good at nipping things like that in the bud.”
The Liverpool midfielder went on to deny that him and his teammates are seeking revenge following their 3-1 defeat back in 2018.
“We know [Real Madrid’s] history,” added Milner.
“Last time we faced them, we had won nothing as a group and that makes a big difference. But since then, we’ve won big trophies.
“It’s not a revenge mission. We’ve trained at Real Madrid’s training ground a few times when we’ve gone to play Atletico Madrid. They’ve got all the European Cups as you drive in and it’s there – the one with ‘Kyiv’ underneath.
“You see that and think, ‘We could have had that’. They won it. We want it now.”
Milner also recalled Gareth Bale‘s extraordinary overhead kick just three minutes after coming off the bench to lead Los Blancos to victory in Kiev.
“We went behind, then were level,” remembered Milner.
“We were flying around and our press was good. Then there’s this hopeful cross and Bale does what he does, out of nothing. He had no right. It was incredible and changed everything. Not enough gets said about that. It didn’t even get Champions League goal of the season.”
Liverpool have won two titles on penalties this season and Milner admitted that him and his teammates have been practising their spot-kicks a lot after the change of the away-goals rule.
“Me, Mo [Salah], Fabinho and a few of the lads practise before every game,” revealed Milner.
“We’ve done it all season. With the change to the away-goals rule, we predicted there would be more shootouts, so we’ve practised more. The club brought in these neuro11 guys.
“You’ve got players who may never take a penalty apart from in a shootout. The ball doesn’t move. The goal doesn’t move. So it’s making them think about their process rather than it being, ‘Oh, by the way, you’re taking a penalty, off you go’.”
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